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"No job is too difficult."

No Job Too Difficultd

This just about says it all! Contact us for all of your repairs.

But as an example....

This violin was damaged in an auto accident. Math took the violin completely apart, repaired and refinished it.

Violin taken completely apart on the work bench.

Broken Violin

Violin being repaired on the workbench

Broken violin on the workbench

Fixed!! The repaired violin.

FIXED!! Broken violen

"No job is too difficult."

Math Deatherage

Matt Deatherage, Violin Maker

In a quiet, West Texas city, an even quieter man instills into each of his instruments, a warm and vital quality. The tonal purity and quick response of his violins is known to violinists and fiddlers alike; and if these varied artists agree on only one thing, it is that this modern maker of collectibles is an artist.

Deatherage has quietly gone about his work for thirty years performing impossible tasks of restoration and rebuilding-- and creating. If you are interested in old world quality in a new instrument created just for you; if you have a damaged instrument that others have rejected; if you are seeking the ultimate in custom chin rests, please write: Deatherage, 1025 North Willis Avenue, Abilene, Texas 79603 or call 1-325-672-6012.

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